MISSOURI schools / Bright Flight

<p>My daughter will be attening Missouri State University......she qualified for bright flight also.</p>

<p>My concern is how will filling out fafsa affect this scholarship ? I didn't think it would but this is stated on MO bright flight info.....and yes no matter what she will have to fill out fafsa to qualify for other scholarships.</p>

<p>""Completion of the FAFSA is not required to receive a Bright Flight scholarship. However, if you elect to complete a FAFSA, information on that application or updates to it can impact your eligibility for Bright Flight even if you have previously been notified of your eligibility. "" end quote.</p>

<p>I need someone who may be in this position that received bright flight and had high fafsa #(on the fafsa4caster was 12500 I think).....yea like anyone could afford that. lol ...She will be taking out all loans possible and trying for lots of scholarships too. I was just trying to prepare myself for her possibly not getting the bright flight we thought she would get. </p>

<p>Thanks !</p>