mistake in email to the admissions board!

<p>I sent an email to Columbia and Brown asking about the importance of SAT essays. It was late when I realized that I wrote "Brown is my first choice school..." in the email to Columbia as well. I quickly sent another email explaining that both Brown and Colum are my top schools, but I cannot help feeling upset and worried.. I was such a hypocrite!
Consolations, anyone?</p>

<p>Good thing you sent that flub to Columbia and not Brown. During our visit to Brown, the admissions associate heading the informational session used a similar flub as a joke . . . and I quote, " When writing us to tell us that we're your #1 choice, remember, Brown is not spelled Y-A-L-E!" To which it got a huge groan follwed by nervous laughter. The admissions member then directly followed the joke up with a very serious, "Don't do that, it the kind of typo that can get you app put aside . . ."</p>

<p>Let's hope the Columbia folks will let that slide . . .</p>

<p>I remember that line from the Brown infosession (3 years ago)! It definitely won't make you a more attractive applicant, but it probably won't make a difference in RD. Columbia knows you're probably applying to peer schools. If you made that mistake on the application or during the ED round, it would be more serious.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. Learned a really good lesson. Thankfully I didn't send it to all my other universities haha</p>