Mistake In Part One

<p>By accident, under the name of my high school, I wrote MY address instead of the school's address (b/c its in the same town.. and I'm so used to typing out my own address on all these applications like 40x... I guess I just didn't catch the mistake after I looked it over) So... what am I supposed to do? Can I e-mail some1 at Cornell or do I have to call up the admissions office? I know this isn't a big deal, but its makin me nervous, and besides, makes me look real stupid... LoL... Thanks for the help guys!</p>

<p>Usually they need it in writing. I'd first email them and also mail them a brief letter explaining the confusion. It's not anything I'd worry too much about though.</p>

<p>yeah I thnk that it is something easiy fixable... write an email. yeah though you do look stupid. :P</p>

<p>lol it doesn't make me look THAT stupid... cuz virtually no other school asks me the exact address of the school.. just the school's name.... the town.. and the state...... and since i live in the town my school is in. i'm just used to writing my own street when i see the name of my town (make sense? i thought so)</p>

<p>oh... so where should I email to? I'm lookin at the website for Undergraduate Admissions, but I don't know where to send this e-mail explaining the problem!! Thanks...</p>

<p>..........bump.... any1 know the email address I'm supposed to send it to?</p>

<p>lol thats funny.</p>