mistake on recs

<p>my teacher made some mistakes on my recs. she wrote that i was vice pres when i was the pres of some club and that i was a co-captain when im really a captain of golf team.</p>

<p>How bad is this?</p>

<p>i already sent the rec out!</p>

<p>PLEASE do NOT fret over this. It is not going to matter! First off, it was the teacher's mistake, not yours. Secondly, there is not a huge difference between co captain and captain so nobody would see a discrepancy on that one. On the vice vs. Pres. one, I highly doubt they are cross referencing such a detail between that rec and your resume. Now, if they said you were in an entirely different activity than you said you were in, that might be noticeable. This is NOT a problem and is not a cause for worry. None of it is noticeable or significant. </p>

<p>If it makes you feel better, I will share two mistakes made on my kids' recs. One was last year, one teacher wrote the college name about five times in the text of his narrative for my daughter's Early Action school and then on subsequent college submissions, changed the name of the college within the text. AFTER the remaining 7 college packages went out, we noticed that while he had changed the college name in the text, he missed one "Yale" by mistake and thus EVERY school got mention of how well she'd do at Yale! That means safety schools learned she applied to Yale, etc. It id not cause a problem and she got into almost every school, but Yale, lol. </p>

<p>This year, I have a second D applying. On a supplemental rec by the music teacher/dept. chair.....the teacher, unfortunately, did not put that much effort into writing the rec, not because she does not think highly of my D who has exceled in that area and whom she has known for five years, but because it is very obvious she used a formula letter that she writes for all kids in chorus and just plugged in some "data" that regurgitates my D's resume (won X,Y and Z award), never even mentions her theater endeavors at the school in which she has been the lead in the high school musicals for five years starting as a middle schooler and is actually going for a college degree in that field, because her "form" letter she writes for most kids just deals with chorus so the sentences were about that.....but the kicker is....on one sentence, she left in THE WRONG CHILD's NAME! because obviously she was using a letter she writes over and over again for each kid, rather than writing a fresh individualized letter for each student like all my D's other recs are done. Needless to say, my D did not use this rec. Her name is NOT Jessica, lol.