mistakes in my essay. Would you notice these mistakes

<p>Names are picked so that its meaning can inspire the child on the path of righteousness.</p>

<p>I would teach them the correct way to pronounce them correctly.</p>


<p>AHHH I PROOFREAD IT A BILLION TIMES, other people too!!! how could THEY NOT catch it!!1! </p>

<p>i am SOOOOO depressed. =(</p>

<p>what does this mean for me and my chances to FU?</p>

<p>I'm sorry but you are way too dramatic. They are not that bad...and even if they were two sentences out of your entire essay will mean nothing. Really, this is just ridiculous. i'm sorry, but you have to know this.</p>

<p>according to everyone i know @ that fu... they don't care really...</p>

<p>y wouldnt they care? i thot someone said essay is really important?</p>

<p>neway yea..its only 2 sentences out of ur whole essay..shouldnt b the deciding factor for admisson or rejection</p>

<p>thanks guys. i guess you're right that it can't totally break me. but it certainly doesn't give me an edge.</p>

<p>haha freakish: i know that i am really overdramatic, esp when it comes to these things...i am trying to change for the better!</p>

<p>if the school really wants you there, I don't think a sentence or two will be a deciding factor. They are not out to get their applicants, and if you are what they want, you will certainly be accpeted.</p>

<p>omg I'm sorry man.. well there's always community college...</p>