Mistakes on CSU application

I already submitted my CSU application, but I found there has several mistakes on the application. First, I put one english course name wrong because it is a summer school. Second, I put four of my courses’ year wrong. What should I do? Does it hurt my chances if college notices that?

You need to email each CSU explaining the mistakes. Some CSU’s will have a form for you to fill out regarding the mistakes and the changes you want to make. Some will just place a note in your application file. Make sure you keep any correspondence from the schools to document your contact in case something comes up later on.

Will this hurt my chance to get accepted?

If there are any questions regarding your application, the CSU’s will contact you for clairification or ask you to send in your transcripts. Be proactive and let them know about the mistakes. Cannot say if this will hurt your chances, it should not if you let them know of the mistakes.

I put the course’s school year wrong but I put the right grade, do I need to change that also?

If the grade is correct, just email admissions stating you put the wrong school year for the courses. The CSU’s will base their GPA calculation on your 10-11th grade courses, so if you reported your courses for the wrong year, your CSU GPA could be wrong.

I mean I got the grade levels like 11、12 right,but put the wrong school year

Do I need to change my school year (like 2014-2015,2016-2017)also? Because I put the grade level (such as 10,11(sophomore, junior)) right. thank you!

So you entered the wrong dates in the HS date of attendance? Just email admissions with the correct information.

Do I need to send changes request to every CSU school? Or once I submitted changes to one school, every campus will get notified?

Yes, notify each CSU campus you applied noting the mistake. Keep any correspondence from the schools in case you need the documentation to need any decisions.

Thank you so much!!!

I made an Income mistake on my college applications. I already updated my Fasfa but I wanted to know if I was able to update the correct income to my college applications?

@cqtherinee: The income information will be based on what you submitted for the FASFA. THe income you listed on the CSU application is informational.

Thank you! So… I shouldn’t have a huge problem ? It’s because the income that was given to me gave me fee waivers but with the correct income im not supposed to get any fee waivers and I don’t want it to look bad as if I’m lying to get fee waivers… I contacted cal state apply but they told me they couldn’t do much for me because the application has already been submitted. They told me to call my schools individually but none of them answer because of covid

Email all the Cal states you applied and state that the income information given at time of application was incorrect and you received fee waivers due to the wrong information. You have corrected the income information on your FASFA.

What they will do with this information is up to each campus.

Keep any documentation you get back from the campuses just in case any problems arise later on.

Hello. Can you please tell me what the colleges said about this mistake? Did they allow you to fix it? and did it affect your chance of getting admitted?

Some CSU campuses will allow you to send an email with your corrections and some will not. You will need to contact each campus individually to find out. Cal Poly SLO for example will only allow students to make changes on their Biographical info and major change up to the January 15th deadline. Academic/Course changes will not be considered.

I see. I also put the wrong grade for Spanish 1 on the CSU app. I put I got an A when I got a B by complete accident. I know it’s 8th grade so I just emailed every school and told them of the mistake and the correct grade. Is that enough and since I emailed them ASAP will this affect my admission?

Depending upon the mistakes made, it may or may not affect admissions.

The Spanish 1 grade will not be included in your CSU GPA anyways and as long as you have notified them in a timely manner, you should be fine.

If you made an income mistake, they will go by your FASFA, not what you put on your CSU application.

If there are any course or grade mistakes, it could affect your chances depending upon your overall application and record.

Save any documentation you get back from your emails, in case there is some issues down the line. Minor mistakes are a non-issue.