<p>i made this really careless mistake on my essay. now im in panic mode. does anyone know i can fix this. sending a new essay?</p>

<p>I think you'll be fine, sending in another essay will only make it worse.</p>

<p>i wrote..PENN in my essay. i copied and paste
and messed up</p>

<p>That's a really, REALLY bad mistake - I have heard of stellar applicants turned down because of having the wrong college name in their essays. Adcoms are unimpressed because they know you didn't put the needed time into it. I don't know what you should do...</p>

<p>i realized like 3 secounds later</p>

<p>Sending a new essay will only make them wonder what was wrong with the old one and immediately draw attention to that blaring "Penn."</p>

<p>ouch, that really hurts .___.</p>

<p>this blows.</p>

<p>wow... I'm sorry ladyspeedy, but that is an egregious error in adcoms eyes. it would have been okay if it were grammatical errors, but writing down the wrong college name is an absolute no-no.</p>

<p>Sorry, I take that bad.</p>

<p>Good luck. I really don't know what advice to give you.</p>

<p>Wow... that's a little funny... mostly because that's the one thing EVERY ADMISSIONS OFFICER TELLS YOU NOT TO DO. I think you're better off calling the admissions office, explaining the mistake (it is, after all, just a mistake and not the hugest deal in the world), and faxing them a new copy of your essay printed out from the print preview on the common app. You'll probably just get a secretary in the admissions office who will switch one essay out for the other without your admissions officer ever knowing. Remember, they have a lot of these applications to look at, they're not going to take copious notes about who accidentally wrote the wrong college name in their essay.</p>

<p>Yeah ladyspeedy
can you imagine an admission officer going
"Oh man I really like this applic.....wait a second.... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? A HUMAN MISTAKE? I HAAAAATE HUMAAAN MISTAKESS!!! REJEEECT!!!"</p>

<p>i dont think its likely</p>

<p>thanks for making feel better. i had this crazy uncomfortable feeling sleeping last night. woke up with my heart beating really fast</p>

<p>okay so i didn't finish my yale app till like 11:56 last night. of course, sending it in was a huge rush. i copied and pasted my essays from word onto my app and thought everything was good...</p>

<p>i just looked at the common app account and realized that my entire essay was in one paragraph. now i don't know....when i copied and paste did i lose my indents and spacing?? or is that the way it just shows up on the common app??</p>

<p>i know it's not the biggest deal in the world, but my essay kind of jumped around, and the paragraph divisions were kind of important...</p>


<p>Profundity- I doubt Yale will reject you on the basis of the common app's frequently-spotty formatting.</p>

<p>ladyspeedy- that's a bigger mistake; try to correct it</p>

<p>I'd do what kwi said, definitely. She's right - at this point, you'd get a secretary. I would REALLY recommend it.</p>

<p>And ask to speak to a secretary.</p>

<p>I hate to put it this way, but you were probably going to be rejected anyway, so there's no point stressing about this. The reality is that Yale rejected 94% of regular decision applicants last year. Chances are (and this is nothing personal, it's just probability) you would have been rejected anyway. Best of luck, though, and don't stress too much over something that cannot be changed.</p>

<p>I just read over my Yale PDF supplement, and I noticed two glaring errors in my essays!!! :(((( First one I just missed, but the second one I SWEAR wasn't there when I was "viewing" before submitting.</p>

<p>1st error: What in particular has influenced your decision to apply?
"...and tradition that challenges..."
-there's supposed to be an "a" before tradition</p>

<p>2nd error:Supplement essay
"and rushed through my piece. hastily started to walk off"
-this one is way more obvious and I am freaking out :( there's supposed to be an "I" before hastily, but I think it was cut off because it was at the end of the page.</p>

<p>I'm freaking out right now. Should I also call the secretary to ask to resubmit an essay?</p>

<p>omgg taboo! they arent going to be judging as english teachers! they just want to get to learn more about you! Your errors are obviously simple human typos that ppl make all the time when editing pieces! it just shows that you spent so much time editing that you eventually assumed everything was okay and felt confident enough to send it in! you really cant bother them with a whole new essay to file and stuff because you forgot the words "I" and "a".. adcoms arent retarded.. tehy will be able to figure what you mean without those two simple letters</p>

<p>....sudeneya4ever, "tehy"? i'm sorry, my PERFECT YALE BRAIN cant comprehend this human spelling error. REJECTEEEEDDDDDDDDDD :sarcasm:</p>

<p>to the girl who put penn in her essay::: call the adm. office, say you accidentally put the WRONG essay in the yale box, and you need to send your actual yale essay.</p>

<p>write a new essay, bombizzle, all about yale and how bomb it is and how its NOT PENN IN ANYWAY. that way when the adm. read it, if they still see the old essay theyll believe that you actually sent the wrong essay and didnt just cut and paste. no one wants penn's sloppy seconds.</p>

<p>good luck!</p>

<p>Taboo: calm down. I caught like 4 mistakes in my essays for UChicago and Georgetown, including really dumb things like missing a period and a similar and/a mistake if I remember corectly. I got in to both schools! </p>

<p>The person who wrote Penn instead of Yale though has serious issues. Unless you can get your essay replaced by a secretary or someone who will NOT be reviewing your decision, I'm sad to say you are probably toast. It makes me wonder how many of those errors they see though. </p>

<p>This is a lesson to you all though: error on the safe side and DON'T CITE A SPECIFIC COLLEGE IN YOUR ESSAYS! (unless it is a "why ____ U." prompt)</p>