MIT Acceptance Letters

<p>Hi. I have applied to MIT for the 2012-13 school year and i was wondering when the acceptance/rejection notices would be sent out or available to see for regular action. Thanks!</p>

<p>Keep an eye on the blogs, but mid-March is typical.</p>

<p>Most likely pi day, March 14th, electronically, at</p>

<p>all right. thank you, Lidusha. man, I can't wait until March gets here now.</p>

<p>So its like you are sure that you'll get in ... Or is it just excitement ?</p>

<p>was pi discovered in MIT just curious :)</p>

<p>the awareness of pi has been around long before mit ;-)</p>

<p>akietta - MIT didn't exist 4000 years ago.</p>

was pi discovered in MIT just curious



<p>what is this i don't even know</p>