MIT and U of Chicago Early Policies

<p>Does anyone know the early action policies for MIT and University of Chicago? I know that both schools offer early action, but are there any restrictions?</p>

<p>For example, Stanford is single choice early action, and Georgetown´s (i think it is Georgetown at least) early action restricts students not apply early decision to any colleges, but does allow students to apply early action elsewhere. </p>

<p>I´m thinking about applying ED to Penn, but also EA to MIT and U of C since, so far, I haven´t seen anywhere that these two colleges´ early action policy is restrictive. Honestly, I love all three of these schools sooooo much and going to any of these would be like heaven. But please confirm with me! I don´t want my application to be nullified because of my ignorance. </p>

<p>Sources would help too! Thanks beforehand.</p>

<p>^ i think its nonrestrictive, so you can EA to both. if its restrictiev it would say on its website, and i've never heard anywhere/anyone say that they have restrictive EA or ED. </p>

<p>any other EA schools that might be worth knowing about please let me know, because I might be EA-ing MIT + uchic, or EA-ing stanford. I have to visit all three and see which suits me better :P.</p>

<p>Personally, I wouldn't recommend EA-ing stanford. I'm not even sure if you can apply ED for another school if you choose SCEA for stanford. it's just too restrictive</p>

<p>ED'ing to Penn and EA'ing to MIT and UChicago is allowed.</p>