MIT attitudes towards other colleges..

<p>So...I'm gonna put a list of colleges and you MIT guys could tell me what you think of 'em. From reading some of your posts, I can clearly see that you can be critical. I'm only asking feedbacks from MIT students...
1) U C Berkeley
2) CIT
3) University of Chicago
4) Northwestern</p>

<p>1) Good place, fun school. Beach. Too large. Limited resources.
2) Good school. Don't know much about it. Their CS program is about as good as ours. Their Go (/Weiqi/Baduk) team sucks, but their Chinese chess team is impressive.
3) Where fun goes to die. Intellectual with an inferiority complex. They're as good as an Ivy, happy that they aren't an Ivy, but ****ed that they don't typically get the public respect of an Ivy. I'd venture to say UChic is better than easily half the Ivies.
4) Know very little about this school. Supposedly a happier version of #3. I'd probably personally like UChic better.</p>

<p>1) Nice school.</p>

<p>2) N00bs :P</p>

<p>3) I hear it is cutthroat and as Olo said, a place where fun goes to die.</p>

<p>4) Again agree with Olo.</p>

<li>Don't know</li>
<li>Echo above</li>
<li>Love it. Loved the campus, the feel, the culture. 2nd on my list, initially.</li>
<li>Weak. Watered-down ivy.</li>

<p>The only one I really know anything about is Caltech because it was the only school outside the northeast I considered applying to for more than one second.</p>

<li>70% guys, and from what I've heard you basically have to go to grad school after graduation. Those are the two reasons I didn't apply. Besides that it's obviously amond the top engineering schools in the nation, and anyone would be lucky to attend.</li>

<p>For clarification: I read CIT as being Carnegie Institute of Technology, CMU's EECS school. Crap.</p>

<p>If you were talking about Caltech, it's a great, tight-knit school. Small, great academic programs. Hot. Not many women, not a great location, but the actual schooling is great, especially in the more theoretical fields (math, physics, chemistry, etc.) as opposed to engineering, though their engineering is pretty good too.</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon is CMU :P</p>

<p>Actually, CIT usually does refer to Carnegie Institute of Technology in my experience... if you've applied to CMU you know you actually apply to individual colleges inside CMU--like CIT for example.</p>

<p>Also, we don't usually call our school CIT, the normal abbreviation is Caltech :)</p>

<p>1) U C Berkeley - i wanted to go there for a long time. really for no reason. but I still think it's a good school. Just too big for me I would not go there for undergrad. Its out-of-state students are kept at such a ridiculously high level compared that I can come up with no concept of the student body.
2) CIT - Carnegie Melon? I hear it is boring because Pittsburgh is a dump. Caltech? I hear the campus is very beautiful but the students are too serious and it has a weird vibe. I hear that about MIT sometimes, too though, the too serious part- and I definitely know that's not true. But I don't hear the latter from MIT students, though I do hear the former. I plan on paying it a visit this summer. I don't know if it's because I've been at MIT for a while and it's not a big deal for me any more to be around math/science kids, but I tend to feel intimidated by the serious scientists feel of Caltech and generally assume its students to be quite brilliant.
3) University of Chicago - they really have a lot to be proud of (I really seriously considered that school) but for some reason there's this bitterness that is somewhat present among its students like they're there because they got rejected from Harvard or something. I know people who went there despite Harvard/Yale acceptances and they still have to fight against that vibe. Its academics are on par with the best of the best.
4) Northwestern - I think less of NU than I do of Chicago for some reason. Its student body is comparable but way happier I hear but they don't take academics as seriously and are sort of 'eh' in the sciences.</p>

<p>From what I have seen, in Silicon Valley MIT gets much more respect that Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon in computer science. However, I haven't been there long.</p>

<p>1 berk is a great school and cheap too because its a public school. How ever its HUGE, a lot of students. fairly competitive. a reason top people from my school doesn't want to go there cuz about 80/360 of the students per class can get in.
2. caltech i visited is nice and warm. a bit too warm for my liking though. but the please seems very cozy. and accoring to my friends there, everyone is very friendly and helpful. People often work on psets together and help each other in different subjects.</p>

<p>the other two iono</p>