MIT, caltech, berkeley, princeton, stanford, carnegie mellon

<p>Rate my chances to each and strengths/weaknesses</p>

<p>Male Indian
UW GPA: 3.83
W GPA: 4.4</p>

<p>Colleges: MIT, Caltech, Princeton, Stanford, Berkeley (in state), Carnegie Mellon</p>

SAT I: 2270, 800 math, 770 writing, 700 crit
SAT II: 800 math, 800 chemistry, 800 physics
AP: 5 in calc bc, physics, english, statistics, chemistry; 4 in US History
PSAT national merit semi finalist</p>

<p>CTY talent search participant, program for 3 weeks at Stanford
Summer Science Program '10, hoping to submit the research to Siemens competition
programming experience in Python, C++, Java</p>

400+ hours at library working as executive assistant to head
50 hours working for Run for Education</p>

10+ years of competitive swimming
4 years qualifying for NCS in swimming for HS, captain in senior year
level 8 CM in piano, played for 5 years
founded Students helping Students to raise money for sports in district
Qualified for AIME 3 years in a row through AMC10 and AMC12
active in school math and science clubs
school winner for ASMA and CAML competitions
competed in regional science bowl for school A team
competed in stanford math tournament for 2 years</p>

Caltech REACH
Princeton REACH
Stanford REACH
Berkeley (in state) MATCH
Carnegie Mellon MATCH</p>

<p>If you could get a siemens award, i'll say you'll be competitive at Caltech. If not, i think it's a reach for you. All the best!</p>

<p>CMU match, all others reaches
Id imagine a match for Berkeley since youre instate but not sure</p>