MIT Chances

<p>I would really like to go to MIT but I'm entirely sure if I have the scores. What I really want to know is if I should bother applying or if I have a chance.</p>

<p>ACT - 32
SAT Physics - 700
SAT Math - I have yet to take but I have never had a problem in upper level math.
GPA - unweighted: 3.6-8ish weighted 4.2-4ish
Honor Role for all 6 semesters in high school so far.</p>

<p>If all goes well I should have taken and passed 7 AP's including World History, Physics B & C, Calculus AB, Lang and Lit, and Computer Science. So far I only know I got a 4 on the world history. Physics B, Lang, and Computer Science are coming in a couple weeks which I felt I did equally well if not better.</p>

<p>I have earned the scholar athlete award. I have run track and cross country for 4 years and varsity for 3 and am the leader of the team going into this season.</p>

<p>I have written and contributed to technology web sites in the areas of consumer electronics and internet start-up companies.</p>

<p>I do volunteer work that includes developing websites for charities and regular community stuff.</p>

<p>I am a pretty good writer so I'm sure I can do well on any essay they want me to answer. I am a very social person and get along well with everyone in my school as well as any bosses have had so I'm pretty confident with interviews.</p>

<p>So what do you think are my chances? I know my scores are low but I'm hoping my well-roundedness will help.</p>


<p>Big difference between 3.6 and 3.8. If you're at the upper end, you might want to push it toward a 3.9 (a.k.a. get a 4.0 throughout senior year). If you're not quite there, your chances decrease significantly. Your physics score probably also needs to go up. More info on your scores and ECs/volunteer work are needed to get a good picture and to "chance" you.</p>

<p>Hey thanks for the reply. I am definitely towards the upper end of the GPA I just am not positive on the exact number so I was playing it safe. EC's include Athletics like football, cross country, and track, as well as writing jobs and I even had a job as a janitor. I am a member of my schools award winning web development team. More to come ECs as I remember more.</p>

<p>Luckily I'm taking the physics again along with the Math the next time I take the subject tests so I'll most likely improve on that score and I'll have one more shot at the ACT and since that 32 was the first time looking at the test I'll hopefully improve by at least a point.</p>

<p>I have volunteered by feeding the homeless, worked at the local library, and I'm the process of completely redesigning and reformatting a website for a non profit organization that sponsors therapy for mentally disabled children.</p>

<p>Is that better? Let me know if you need to know anything else.</p>