MIT creative portfolio, what can we submit?

I’ve already read the information from their website. I was instead wondering about their composition section, which seems oriented towards classical/contemporary compositions as they request only a pdf of the score. If I make music of any other genre, should I attempt to submit anyway? Or do they only request for scores because they’re only looking for that style of music composition?

Nothing in the instructions state that; you are welcome to submit a PDF in any style.

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Colleges have made efforts to diversify their music curriculum as well as the talents in the student population. MIT tends toward the progressive. I would submit whatever work you have, and if MIT accepts a music resume and music letter(s) of recommendation, and those are relevant, submit those too, though the work itself may be your focus.

If you have questions about how to submit, say, a digital audio file or video, and that information is not provided, you could call admissions.

Here is the language from the website, italics are mine.

The music program welcomes all enrolled MIT students, regardless of major, who wish to take subjects in music history/culture, composition/theory, music technology, and performance in the areas of classical, jazz, popular, and world music. At MIT it is possible to major (full, joint, or double), minor, or concentrate in Music. Our curriculum is known for its fantastic variety of quality offerings to undergraduates at all levels of preparation and talent.

Pop music, for example, is often made with an emphasis on sound design and mixing techniques. If you submit a pdf score (“Submit one recent composition score in PDF format.” ← from their website) then labeling the score for, say, a synth in a song doesn’t specify what the synth sounds like. Bassoons, violins, etc all have distinct characteristics, however for other genres of music typically they are not created first as a score and cannot be created as such.

Do you think this would be something to contact admissions about? I think a large part of my portfolio is my music, but it doesn’t conform to what seems to be the typically accepted genre. I personally think emailing them would sound petty, but I’m looking for a second opinion.

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

I suggested contacting admissions in my post above which you may have missed. It is not petty at all.