MIT EA essay

for the dissappointment/hardship essay, im wondering whether i should write about an experience i had a year ago in which i fell 30 ft down the side of a waterfall. I had amnesia for about two weeks and forgot about 24 hours of my life. This was a week and half after school started, and i had to learn everything from that first week over again. The thing is, im not really sure how to write about how i dealt with it, seeing as i received nothing more than a few bruises and gashes when the neurosurgeon said i should have broken my neck or died (i hit my head on a stump coming down). I can work humor into my essay, and i know i could make it a very good story. Does the MIT adcom want to read a good story, or do they want something that shows my passion in science and math (something my ECs already do)? Thanks for any replies.

<p>The one thing MIT does NOT want to see is ANOTHER essay about passion in science and math. If I were adcom I'd be pretty annoyed by the billions of essays about science research I receive daily. Write about something that will set you apart. My EA essay (for MIT) is for prompt B and I wrote about my experiences growing up in poverty and how it has helped shaped the person I am. I also wrote a supplement essay on running the statewide prejudice reduction conference and what it means to me. </p>

<p>Whatever you DO write about, be it traumatic accidents or your pet lizard from 3rd grade, if you make it PERSONAL, insightful, and meaningful, it'll be a good college essay. If you do write about the waterfall incident, be VERY careful not to make it soudn like you want pity. Draw contructive conclusions on your experience, don't whine about how difficult it was. And definitely relay it to your life today.</p>

<p>Sure sounds like you overcame some hardship there. Humor is good, and a good story is the most important thing. They will see your passion for math and science from the rest of your application, I am sure.</p>

<p>There's another current essay here about a guy with a issue similar. Go ahead take a shot at it, it qualifies as a difficulty, and it must have been tramatic. But be sure you have something to say about it. Telling the tale will show off writing skills, but you need to have some insight.</p>

<p>Yes, make it personal, not just a narrative</p>

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