Mit Ea

<p>how are the chances for ea compared to rd at mit?
what about for a canadian student?</p>

<p>I dont know about the percentages, but as a Canadian student also I know we can't apply EA because MIT EA is for domestic students ONLY:(</p>

<p>EA and RD acceptance rates are identical. The advantage of applying EA is a potential acceptance in mid-December, and a second review if deferred.</p>

<p>actually for last yr, the EA acceptance rate was about 2% lower</p>

<p>EA was LOWER?

<p>less people actually get accepted EA, but i suppose including the people who are deferred and then accepted, it's higher.</p>

<p>EA will be lower this year, they're taking ~400 as opposed to 440 b/c 2008 overenrolled...</p>

<p>oh ***k -_-</p>

<p>Eeeekkk, that kind of stinks. :eek: :(</p>