MIT girls?

<p>This question is mainly directed at the guys at MIT, but girls, feel free to answer. Simply, how do the percentage of good looking girls at MIT compare to that of other colleges? Yes, I'm aware that beauty is relative but the overall standards are similar.</p>

<p>I've seen several MIT EA female admits and really, they look quite good :)</p>

<p>haha who cares? if you dont find someone for you at MIT there are like 50 colleges all around with loads of hot girls. I am sure that there are some beautiful, incredibly smart girls that I can't wait to meet there, but if that's what you are thinking about while applying to MIT than you might not even belong there. I mean first your post on what ECs you should do to impress them and now you are asking this. Maybe you should ask yourself why you really want to come to MIT besides the name.</p>

<p>Maybe MIT doesn't have that many "good looking girls", I have no idea...but if MIT is the right place for you, than that should not be a factor.</p>

<p>lol it does matter to many people. But no worries, your fears are unfounded ;)</p>

<p>Honestly, I don't believe one could ask a more shallow question. Regardless of what that answers are, it should NOT be a factor in any college decisions you have. And quite honestly, MIT students are going to meet people from all around the boston/cambridge area.</p>

<p>And honestly, I think your fears are quite unfounded! :-)</p>

<p>I'm asking this question because I can't just look up the answer. As for why I want to be there, as I said in the other thread...</p>

<p>"I love all sciences, especially physics, and aspire to become a university professor and do scientific research. I feel that MIT provides what I need to achieve that goal."</p>

<p>Don't judge me based on the two questions I put forth. Even if MIT were an all male school, I would still apply. Knowing if there are "good looking girls" there is just for the sake of knowing.</p>

<p>There are hot and ugly people everywhere. If you can attract hot girls easily, then you will be able to anywhere. I did see a directory with a hundreds of current MIT students and their pictures, I'll have to look for it (not the facebook)</p>

<p>there are more of them than at caltech, at any rate... </p>

<p>maybe the girls should fire back with the same question about the guys =P</p>

<p>We're all gorgeous. Let's get over the topic, hmm?</p>


<p>haha well if the girls are looking for hot guys, Im on my way!! :)</p>

maybe the girls should fire back with the same question about the guys =P


<p>hahah exactly! </p>

<p>the odds are good, but the goods are odd ;]</p>

<p>The girls at MIT aren't that great, but better than the often times arrogant "frat guys" tend to lead on. Most of the attractive ones are asian, because, I believe, it is more socially acceptable for an asian girl to be smart in math and be a "nerd" among other things.</p>

<p>The guys here aren't very good either, so that improves your chances. But, it's always better if there are thousands of attractive people at your school. If you want to interact intimately with a lot of very attractive women, you are going to want to go to a state school. However, this is not how I chose a college. I go to MIT for the pretiege and the education and I recommend you put the women factor as a tie-breaker at the very end.</p>

<p>You can have a great time at MIT. My sophomore and first semester junior years have been amazing. There are many girls from BU (~60% girls), Simmons (all-girls) and Wellesley (all-girls) that are looking for guys. If you join a fraternity, it is much easier to interact with women and I recommend doing so. I am in a frat on MIT's campus, so the influx of non-MIT girls isn't as good as at ones across the river. But being on campus is much better in my opinion.</p>

<p>I have a girlfriend at BU who I thouroughly enjoy, and that happens for a lot of guys at MIT. If you are doing engineering, there's no better name than MIT, so I suggest you try to come here.</p>

<p>e-mail me if you want at <a href=""></a></p>

<p>well... I don't think that the amount of attractive people shold be that great... that's gonna break the coordination and people come to MIT not to flirt or to interact intimately. The tech and the sciece, the things, where students' whole attentions should be paid. (that's my opinion, and i don't force anybody to hold it...:))</p>

<p>and spelling... scince* (oops)</p>

<p>haha... that's gonna cause some problems... SCIENCE...</p>


<p>While I agree that the question could be considered inappropriate, as some of you have argued, I still see why durran asked the question.</p>

<p>As I'm sure everyone knows, we spend our lives being told what is beautiful and sexy. Magazines, movies, models, etc. all send this message.</p>

<p>I'll admit, shame free mind you since my brain was conditioned, that I once thought that way with respect to the opposite sex. Until, I met that one contradiction.</p>

<p>Funny, when I first saw her, I didn't find her remotely attractive. But, when I befriended her and learned more about her, she became MUCH more attractive. I now consider this nice, highly intelligent, neurotic, clumsy, decent looking, and yes nerdy girl the most attractive girl I've met.</p>

<p>So hot girls? Who cares! MIT’s got MIT girls!</p>

<p>This question is mainly directed at the people of CC, and anyone should feel free to answer. Simply, how do the percentage of sexist and narrowminded people at MIT compare to that of other colleges? Yes, I'm aware that sexism is relative but the overall standards are similar.</p>

<p>Touche stasterick, due to your insight and witful parody of my post, I've seen the light. </p>

<p>Please, spare me your moral and ethical judgement. For merely wondering if the girls at MIT are physically attractive, I'm labeled as "sexist" (which you clearly do not know the meaning of) and "narrow-minded". By your defition, anyone (everyone) who's ever judged based on appearance is "sexist" and "narrow-minded".</p>

<p>It's not sexist because girls and guys are into attractiveness of the opposite sex in college.</p>

<p>People at MIT tend to be openminded from what I have seen. They can get arrogant because everyone is so smart.</p>

<p>emmittisgod: So hot girls? Who cares! MIT’s got MIT girls!</p>

<p>people like you make me smile =)</p>