Mit, harvard, duke chance

I’d just like to see what you all think.
Act 34 (36 m 35 s)
Sat 2250 (superscored 800 m)
Sat physics math 2, expected 800

GPA 4.0 uw
Rank 1 of 527ish

Taken : lang (5), Calc bc (5), whap (5), physics b (5), apush (3…), biology
Taking: Calc 3 at college, lit, physics 2, chem, psych, stats

Symphonic winds (top band first chair trumpet )
Jazz band (lead trumpet)
Marching band (lead)
Vex robotics (design leader)
Varsity swim (team captain)
USA swim (team captain)
(Very good swimmer, will swim in college. How much influence does this have?)
Nhs,beta, key
Made android app company
Self taught 7 programming languages
Soup kitchen, warehouse food packing, backpack program 100+hours
Summer internship at mit biomimetic lab

National merit semifinalist
Scholastic all American swimmer
Academic achievement award (awarded by governor)
Vex world championship 3 time qualifier ( state champ 1 year, top programming skills)
Top swimmer in state ( sectional cuts, top finishes at state meets, mvp, loads others)
Ap scholar w distinction
Many others these are all I put on app I believe

Also applying cornell, umich, Georgia tech

I can only speak to Duke but I think it’s well within your range. Also based on your apparent compsci interest, a good fit I think. Though the others I’m sure would be as well.

Also out of curiosity can you explain “made android app company”?

You certainly have the stats. However athletic recruiting is largely determined by the whims of the coach. Have you contacted the coach at any of your schools? What did they say?

As you know your chances are much better applying as an athletic recruit.

Assuming your SAT II is close to what you project, you should have an Academic Index of around 235. If you are a recruit able swimmer you should be a coach’s dream. You should compare your times with those posted on the team websites, and get in touch with coaches. @sherpa is more knowledgeable about this process, but it’s kind of late if you haven’t already started.

You are very competitive and have terrific ECS regardless, but if you are recruitable it could be a slam dunk.

I make some games for the android play store. It isn’t that a big of deal and I’m treating it as such in my application.
I contacted all the coaches of the schools I’m interested in. Of them, several coaches just ignored (I’m assuming they will wait for me to get accepted before they talk to me. I’m not in position to be recruited, too late for that.) Out of the others, Harvard was only the one that explicitly said they want me on the team. (I swam with them 4 weeks in the summer). And rhe Cornell coach said he like to keep in contact
Thanks guys!

Ivy League recruiting doesn’t end after the ED deadline. Keep reaching out to the coaches. Ask Harvard for an official visit.

With your stats you still have a good shot.

Go to the athletic recruits subforum here and read some of the posts of varska.

I think you have as good a shot as anyone, especially if recruited - but it makes me laugh when people predict 800s…

I was pretty confident. You’re right though I ended up with 800 physics but 780 math 2

Update: Deffered from Harvard. Probably for the best Harvard probably isn’t that good of a match for me anyways.
I’m specifically focusing on Cornell, Georgia tech, umich, and maybe Carnegie mellon. Hopefully I will have better luck with those?