MIT is extending its EA deadline

Thought I’d post this here, in case anyone doesn’t read the MIT forum. They are having problems with their admissions website and online application system, and are extending the EA deadline for everyone. They said the exact length of extension isn’t concrete at this point, but that after the website comes back, it will probably be a few days. I bet they will have it fixed soon, though … I doubt this extension will be long enough to justify procrastinating :slight_smile:

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(If you try to visit their admissions site now, it hints at an extension.)

<p>hmmm I'd be happy if I hadn't already turned it in.</p>

<p>no... i'm still happy... this gives my teacher a few more days on the rec i suppose?</p>

<p>That's what I'm thinking. :)</p>

<p>Ha! I rush to get everything for the deadline and they're extending the EA for MIT? Oh well. Gives me more time to spend on (read: stare at) the essays.</p>