MIT...... Is it within my grasp?? Chance?

Asian Male
Public School</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0
Class Rank: 1/200ish
SAT: Will be taking in January but from the PSAT, I can give a guesstimate
Math: 720
CR: 630
W: 630
US History (haven't taken AP exam yet)
American Literature and Composition (")
AP's I plan on taking next year:
AP Biology
AP Chem
AP English
AP Calculus</p>

Golf (9th)
Cross Country (9th)
Tennis (10th and 11th and senior year)
Soar Club (10th, 11th and senior year)
FBLA (3 years) (3rd in state for Word Processing I)
NHS (3 years)
Beta Club (3 years)
Rotary Club
Summer Job (9th grade summer and 10th grade summer)
During School Job (9th grade)
Community Volunteer Hours 30+
Library Assistant</p>

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<p>The grades are great! Yet I don't really see any science/math correlations in your ECs...and I'm sure it's not necessary to have science-related ECs, but it would probably help your case in explaining why you want to go to MIT. Bio, chem, and calculus combination next year? I'm not sure about your school, but at mine that would be pretty much impossible due to workload/difficulty. Good luck!</p>

<p>You're AP exams aren't going to be a large factor, so don't stress about them if you don't do well. It's more important that you took the class and did well in it.</p>

<p>PSAT scores have been incredibly unreliable in my experience. It predicted that I would be about 400 points lower than I actually ended up getting (172 -> 2100). Focus on learning how to think in a calm way faster (don't rush).</p>

<p>For your ECs, you are going to want to be much more specific. MIT wants to know how that opportunity influenced you. Some kids get internships from places like NASA, so if you get the opportunity (be sure to look for it), take it so you'll be much more competitive.</p>

<p>^^ you are right... it will be difficult, but I sacrificed my EC's to have better grades</p>

<p>bump..... anyone else?</p>

<p>you have the 4.0, but your sat score is terrible. Being asian kinda exempts you from telling the "growing up in the ghetto" story, so that will hurt. Also, you haven't really won anything in your competitions. MIT is pretty much out of reach, sorry.</p>

<p>His SAT scores are just estimates based on the PSAT. </p>

<p>As a general rule, shoot for 750+ in math SATI and 1500/1600 overall, 800 on math SatII (which has a super-easy curve) and 750+ on the rest.</p>

<p> don't know how nice it is to see another MiT hopeful up here who hasn't designed a suspension bridge across a river in Africa or made a 2400 on their SAT!! I'm a little in the dark myself as far as "chances" go, but I hope you decide to apply :)</p>

As a general rule, shoot for 750+ in math SATI and 1500/1600 overall, 800 on math SatII (which has a super-easy curve) and 750+ on the rest.


<p>Just so that people don't freak out, admissions officers won't care as long as scores are above 700 in anything (like, they actually say this), and it seems based on statistics that you're fine with at least a 600 on the CR and a 650 in Math.</p>

<p>No one here, not even me, can give you an accurate chance. </p>

<p>The best thing you can do is: do the best you can do, and apply this fall.</p>