MIT- letter of continued interest

I am differed in my EA application in MIT this year. Then, last week, I have sent the Letter of Continued Interest email of 800 words, and that letter is acknowledged by dean of admission through email. In my letter of Interest I had mentioned that I am working on to achieve Database Certification by end of February. Now, I have achieved that Certification today, I am excited to share this news and send this Certificate to dean of admission though one liner email, thinking of this will show that I am dedicated to my commitments and I am hardworking. But then on other hand, I fear if sending this one liner email may overshade the impression of my earlier letter of continued interest and it might not sound a good idea. Therefore, I am confused now, I cannot decide whether I should send this certificate to MIT or not !!!
I will appreciate your advice on this.

Check MIT’s website. Some colleges welcome updates, some don’t. Failing to follow instructions looks bad. Also if you send something, have someone proofread it. I am guessing from your first post that English is not your first language?

Congratulations on your certification!

Follow the instructions for the FUN form that they sent. That is all they want.

Things you DON’T have to do:
-Send us an email saying you’re still interested in MIT (we’ll assume you are unless you tell us otherwise)
-Write a new essay (the FUN form has a ~200 word limit to prevent you from doing this)
-Bombard our office with excessive emails or new materials

@Groundwork2022, Thanks for you response. Yes, you got me, English is not my first language. I will get my email proofread before I send it.
Thank you !

@MA2012 , Thanks for sharing the link. It is very helpful to read this article. Thanks again !!

To update this thread, - finally, I did not get selected into MIT. I have joined other college but since I am still interested for MIT; can someone please advise if it would be worth to try for Spring 2021 ?

If you are attending some other college full time, then you are thinking of transferring.

I can’t say whether it is worth it for you or not – do you have good reasons for transferring?

We do know that chances of being admitted for transfer admissions is less than that of freshman admissions.

No, i don’t have a genuine reason except my passion :neutral:

To be considered for transfer to MIT they require that you have completed 2 terms of study at another college. So unless you started college over the summer, you would not be eligible for transfer this coming spring.

You will probably be better off staying where you are accepted to now and trying for grad school at MIT if that is still your passion.