MIT Micromaster’s program

Is the MicroMasters program in Data, Economics, and Development Policy at MIT a full-fledged master’s program?

I have been through their website and after seeing the five online courses requirement I am confused about whether it is a conventional master’s program or an extension degree.

Thank you!

No, they are a series of graduate level courses. The courses may be accepted by a University for their Masters program. If you look at the description of the course on, there is a listing of schools that accept the classes.

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But if I complete those courses and pursue the MIT’s master’s in Supply Chain Management or MS in Data, Economics, and Development Policy, will it be worth the cost?
Is it a prestigious graduate program?

Weren’t you just asking about elite MBA programs in another thread? And you said you weren’t sure about majoring in finance because your math skills were weak? Now you are considering graduate programs at MIT. If your math skills are weak, MIT is the last place you want to be. What exactly is your career interest? Why are you looking at such different graduate programs?

If you are not strong in math, you should run, not walk, away from any graduate level degree in economics.