MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community 2021

Here is the thread for MOSTEC applicants for the summer of 2021! The application opened this morning at 12AM!

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Is MOSTEC for everyone ?

Hey! The deadline of the application was extended to Feb 8th but my application appeara as expired. Do you have any idea why it’s expired?

I’ve had some friends with the same problem. I bet it’s just that they forgot to roll over the deadline to the application portal. I wouldn’t worry too much about it!


Anyone know when results come out?

I believe they said towards the end of April

it says mid-april on their website

From their website:

“When and how will acceptance decisions be released?
Decisions will be released in mid-April 2021. Applicants will receive an email when decisions have been posted. Applicants should view decisions by logging onto their account. Decisions will not be given via phone or mailed out to applicants.”

why cant they provide us with a specific date?? I am so anxious and I check the portal every hour. literal torture

decisions are out, rejected

I dont see a descision how do u see it?

I got an email

damn havent heard anything yet. praying rn

well hopefully you hear good news!

Oh my god I got in! I’m in absolute disbelief. I did not expect this!

I got in!

Did you get an email? I can’t find mine.

thx so much im still waiting lol

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No I didn’t

I’m kinda paranoid it was an accidental acceptance lol