MIT Opencourseware-- 18.01 vs 18.01SC?

I’m new to the whole MIT Opencourseware thing and I’m leaning how it works (though it seems fairly straightforward so far) and I was wondering what the difference between course 18.01 and 18.01SC is?

Also, I’m not really clear on if the assignments on these courses will be graded or if it’s just the responsibility of the student to check and correct their work. If I end up doing a course then I’ll do the work but it’s easier not to have the pressure of it being graded.


bump cuz i’m also curious.

I don’t think the assignments are graded. It’s published class materials, not an actual class (you get PDF versions of slideshows and so forth).

I’ve actually never heard of 18.01SC but you can check here:

MIT offers 18.01, 18.014, and 18.01A as its single variable calculus classes.

Thanks @QuantumPython and @MITer94 !

I know some courses use a textbook, do you know if students are expected to get (probably buy) the textbook or if it’s available online?