MIT Optional Essays

<p>I just have a quick question about them. For the one that states to describe something you've created (research, art, music, etc), would it be stretching it to talk about playing the piano and "creating" music? Or should I just make that my "free topic" essay? I don't song write or anything, but the piano essay was an extra essay I had that I was going to use for other schools (after revising it), and I wanted to perhaps write another essay for the free topic one.</p>

<p>My interpretation of the "creation" essay is that they want to know about a concrete "thing" you have made. However, I'm sure they won't turn it down. Send in what you want - as long as it's not like ten pages long, I'm sure they'll read it.</p>

<p>How about an idea I have "created"? Kind of a theory without formulae? Is that okay to describe such thing?</p>

<p>Check the Oct. 21 entry of Matt's blog where he briefly discusses this essay. <a href=""&gt;;/a>
Ipsen, an "idea" is one of the choices.<br>
Janeeyre, reading this blog entry, my interpretation is that they want to know in what way you're creative. If you create "art" by playing music, then I think you can write about that.</p>

<p>it's a good thing the question is ambiguous, because that just means do however you interpret it to be...:)</p>