MIT or the state engineering program?

<p>Hey, I have a big question. I'm bent on going to MIT, but I know I can't afford it, without scholarships and loans (which i will apply for). So, who recommends that I skip MIT for undergrad, try for grad, and go to a less expensive university first? It doesn't seem like a well-known or well-publicized game plan; kids are generally looking to get into the one they want when they want it. THanks for any advice.</p>

<p>P.S. I am a junior in HS now, SAT 1 (old) M690 V690, going to take new sat, GPA- this year: 4.38, cum so far 4.1, taking SAT II this year, ec's good, ap's good, what else are those top schools looking for over other studens?</p>

<p>If you really want to attend MIT, I think you should go for it! MIT is, actually, very generous with their financial aid package. </p>

<p>MIT for grad is a good idea as well. I attended a MIT gathering for admitted students and was told that MIT does not (often) take students for grad if they went their for undergrad. They want you to explore other institutions.</p>

<p>You will need way closer to an 800 in math to get into MIT, especially wanting money.</p>

<p>Wanting money has no effect on Admissions at MIT. We are a need-blind admissions outfit. And many students don't necessarily have an 800 score on math either...</p>

<p>Smartcookie, that's not an uncommon strategy; especially when you have a well regarded state school.</p>

<p>MIT is very generous with financial aid.</p>

<p>ok first get into MIt buddy dont make castles out of water. Youll know the true value of the institution then</p>