MIT programs

<p>I have a hs freshman son who would enjoy taking some extra enrichment classes. We looked into some of the MIT Spring and Summer HSSP programs as well as the SPLASH program at MIT. They sound terrific. Does anyone have any experience with these? He is a math/science kid who really enjoys learning, but I don't want him in a classroom all summer long.TIA</p>

<p>My S did both Splash and HSSP. He had a great time in all. They're really inexpensive, so if things don't quite work out, you don't feel you wasted your money. In Splash, he learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube. I don't recall what else he did. We, the parents, attended a talk on gifted children and were astounded that families had come from all over; some recounted with tears in their eyes how difficult it was to get appropriate education for their children, especially if they had some disabilities as well as giftedness. They clearly felt the weekend event to be very worthwhile.</p>

<p>In HSSP, my S originally signed up for probability as well as a history of graphic arts (cartoons). He found the probability class too elementary so he dropped it, but he loved his graphic arts class. It was taught by a very opinionated undergraduate. Students can sign up for more academic topics than did my S. But he does attend math camps in summer. If your S likes math, he could consider the Boston-area Math Circle (</p>

<p>Marite, Thank you for your response. Is it difficult to register for the HSSP classes? The cost sounds too good to be true.</p>

<p>My S had no trouble at all. If I remember correctly, we paid $30 that entitled my S to 3 classes of one hour each for ten weeks for HSSP. Even after he dropped probability, it was still a fabulous deal.</p>

<p>there are some fabulous math/science summer programs. My son has gone to <a href=""&gt;;/a> for the past 4 summers, and absolutely loves it. Marite's son feels just as passionately about PROMYS. Here's a link to a big list of them:
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