MIT required courses

<p>i don't understand the requirement. My school does not offer ap except 3 in English language and composition, biology and us history which you can only take you senior year. But the rest of the courses are all regular, no honors no aps but they are hard. </p>

<p>what i want to know is if i can get into MIT with the 3 aps and self studied 6 ap most in science before i become a senior?</p>

<p>also do i have to take physics to get in?</p>

<p>bump please i need an answer</p>

<p>Did you look at the Admissions Web Site?

We recommend that your high school years include the following:</p>

<pre><code>One year of high school physics
One year of high school chemistry
One year of high school biology
Math, through calculus
Two years of a foreign language
Four years of English
Two years of history and/or social sciences

<p>Overall, you should try to take the most stimulating courses available to you. If your high school doesn't offer courses that challenge you, you may want to explore other options, such as local college extension or summer programs.</p>

<p>MIT OpenCourseWare Highlights for High School is also a resource which highlights MIT courses selected specifically to help you prepare for AP exams, learn more about the skills and concepts you learned in school, and get a glimpse of what you'll soon study in college.


You will be at a disadvantage if you don't take physics. Self studying for AP or taking college courses for advanced classes is fine.</p>

<p>Highly recommend you to visit MIT blog homepage where you will see some professional suggestions given by either students or teachers. I remember that I read an blog about taking AP courses; as it reads, if you have a genuine interest in studying knowledge beyond classroom teaching, then you can choose to take a few AP courses. However, if you take AP courses because you just want to increase the chance to get into MIT, it is not good for you to spend time on it. Generally speaking, MIT is looking for students who are interested in some particular areas of study not a person who does something for some purposes.</p>

<p>Finally, good luck to your application!</p>

<p>thank you, you guys were really helpfull</p>