MIT SAT I scores

<p>I noticed that on the online application, for SAT I scores, there in only room to put 1 date for both the Math and Verbal scores, thus implying one to enter in just a single sitting. However, at the MIT info session, the presenters said that MIT takes the highest math and verbal scores from all settings. Should I put down my highest scores from just 1 sitting, or all sittings?</p>

<p>all sittings. Im doing the same thing, but Im listing the later test date.</p>

<p>on the paper app, i'm listing both dates :)</p>

<p>anymore responses?</p>

<p>list both dates of the highest scores if they are not one sitting.</p>

<p>It doesn't matter what you list there, since they're going to go by the official reports which come to them from CB. And yes, they DO look at scores of Math and Verbal individually.</p>

<p>list highest halves</p>