MIT, Stanford, Caltech, UCs

<p>Hi there, can you guys tell me my chances of getting into the following schools and what I can do to improve those chances?</p>

-Harvey Mudd
-UC Berkeley
-other UC schools</p>

<p>Intended Majors: Math and Art (double major)</p>

<p>SAT I: 1370 (620 Verbal, 750 Math)
SAT II: 800 Math IIC, 630 Physics, 610 Writing</p>

<p>AMC 12: 100.5
AIME: 4</p>

<p>GPA (9-12): 4.63 weighted, 3.69 non-weighted
GPA (10-12): 4.54 weighted, 3.54 non-weighted</p>

<p>Class Rank: 12 out of 751</p>

H English: A/A
H Hist: A/A
H Geo/Trig: A/A
H Bio 1: A/A
Span 2: A/A-
Art 1: A+/A</p>

H English: B/A-
AP Euro Hist: A-/A-
H Algebra 2: A+/A
H Chem 1: A-/B
Span 3: A/A</p>

IB/AP English: B-/B-
IB/AP US Hist: C-/C-
H Math Analysis: A/A-
IB/AP Physics 1: A-/B-
IB SL Span 4: B-/B
IB HL Visual Arts: A/A-</p>

<p>IB Tests (out of 7):
Span SL: 4
Physics SL: 5</p>

<p>AP Tests (out of 5):
Euro Hist: 2
Chem: 1
US Hist: 2
English Lang: 3
Physics: 3</p>

-Full IB Diploma Candidate
-National Merits Commended Scholar
-president Math Club (founded this yr)
-president Chess Club (3 yrs; 4-time champion)
-1st place local Trig-Star Contest</p>

-CSF (4 yrs)
-Acad Team (4 yrs)
-visual/performing arts (3 yrs)
-Science Olympiad (2 yrs)</p>



<p>Assuming you're in California,</p>

<p>MIT: Reach
Stanford: Reach
Caltech: Reach
Princeton: Reach
Cornell: Slight Reach
Harvey Mudd: Match
UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
All other UCs: Safety</p>

<p>I am the number master. Not you.</p>

<p>I agree with the above. Obviously, your chances of admission would be dramatically increased if you were to get 700+ on your physics and writing SAT II's. You EC's are average, though, like me, you work a lot, which is a big plus in the admissions process. My recommendation: raise those scores. btw, good job on the AIME.</p>

<p>hi john,
You know that working isnt such a big plus. Stop stressing the job thingy to other people. A job is a waste of time at our age. Sure we get experience, but its not like we are going to be working at a retirement home or at CVS when we are outta college (if you are planning tho, stop stressing over school). Also, what much can an admission person say about you having a job. So he learned the value of working and that its hard to earn big bucks, big deal. He's just concerned with you doing well thru college and then getting a real job that pays over a grand a week. Not like the retirement home which pays you minimum (7.10 per hour in CT) and a 25 cent extra per hour on sundays. </p>

<p>enuf refuting piman.. (Republican, figures)
id suggest numbermaster start mastering vocab. and also dont apply to cornell cuz i am...i dont need the extra competition. jk.</p>