MIT Transfer Fall 2013

<p>Hey guys! Anyone else on here still waiting back for MIT transfer decisions?</p>

<p>I am! </p>

<p>I would say that my chances at getting admitted are approximately the inverse of one Sagan (or 2.5*10^-12) percent, because my SAT scores and GPA aren’t that hot. On the other hand, I’ve done a lot of cool projects and research, and I took a lot of hard classes, so maybe in a weird way it’ll balance out. It’s okay if I don’t get in, though, because I’m applying to other schools and I’ll be psyched out of my mind to get into a school that at least has an engineering program. </p>

<p>Good luck to everybody applying! May the force be with you!</p>


<p>I hope you’ll get in! I’m pretty sure MIT really looks at the whole person for transfers and not just their SAT and GPA. Which course are you applying to?</p>

<p>Hi bro!
I’m applying to 6.2 (EECS), but also can’t make up my mind between that and course 2 (mechanical engineering).</p>

<p>I had the confidence to apply because I know that my application is going to be read by a group of human beings looking for someone who will do well at MIT, not some machine programmed to screen for the highest stats and the most prestigious awards (if that were the case, knowing MIT, they would have just built one to do the job).</p>

<p>I’m sure you’ll do great! :slight_smile: I’m interested to hear everyone’s stories and what they are applying to!</p>

<p>I’m waiting to hear back as well. I think I read somewhere that they notify admittees in early April?</p>

<p>I don’t know what the transfer acceptance rates are, but I image my chances are around the same as winning the 64000x multiplier on SatoshiDICE…</p>

<p>Yeah… I was confused because the email they sent me about receiving my application said in early may. But I think it was a typo, there were other typos in the email as well – it didn’t look computer generated.</p>

<p>I think they notify acceptees in April and rejectees in May.</p>

<p>From my March 1st status update email from admissions: “All admission decisions will be emailed in early May.”</p>

<p>I can’t imagine it would be a typo. From earlier transfer threads I’ve learned that the exact decision release date is usually announced a week or two in advance via email and applies to everyone applying, admitted and rejected, just like freshman admissions.</p>

<p>In this thread (Fall 2011) decisions were pushed all the way to April 19th: <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>So maybe they figured May would give them enough time?</p>

<p>Lucky last year they released decisions April 3rd!</p>

<p>Hey guys, I am applying for MIT transfer as well. =) Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>So we definitely wont hear back until early may, they made a little note of it on their page: [Deadlines</a> | MIT Admissions](<a href=“]Deadlines”></p>

<p>Hey guys! </p>

<p>I’m an MIT Transfer Applicant for Fall 2013 as well! :slight_smile: So nervous for admissions decisions to come out — it’s the only school I am apply for transfer! :confused: I love the school I’m at, but for my interests and career path, I really believe MIT will be the best fit for me and my happiest destination. Plus, my twin sister is a '15 there! I’m a bit different than her, though. If admitted, I’ll be a Course 20: Biological Engineering. Go biomedical research! ^_^</p>

<p>I’m super excited to learn about you guys, as we wait for the exciting moment of getting our notification! All the best! :)</p>

<p>Hello Guys!
I applied as an International transfer (currently at a CC in the US tho…) for the Fall 2013 as well. I know the admit rate approaches zero as the number of applicants go to infinity…so just keeping my fingers crossed for all of us…:slight_smile:
All the Best!</p>

<p>Hey all,
I’m waiting with the rest of u. Does anyone know if that “early may” date is set in stone? Is it possible they’ll release the decisions earlier?</p>

<p>We’ll get an email about the exact date of the decision release. I’m really nervous! I’m checking my email every day…</p>

<p>I also just mailed my applications to WPI and RPI. Both of them accept a little over half of the women who apply as transfers, so statistically I should be admitted to at least one of them. Fingers crossed.</p>

<p>Hey guys,
I have applied as an international transfer for course 6-3 Computer Science and Engineering, I also plan to take a minor in Comparative Media Studies. I too have a bunch of dreams about MIT, I’m not much worried though, we usually don’t know what’s best for us, hope you don’t get too obsessed with your future c:, midterms are on the way! </p>

<p>BTW I just started playing Braid, as an MIT applicant solving the puzzles in Braid would be a bliss for you, try it if you haven’t, it might help you feel less stressed.</p>

<p>You’ll really need some luck to get in! Good luck everyone! ^_^</p>

<p>Hey guys! I’m an international transfer, but I’m currently studying in the US though. I do too, have many dreams and obsessions about MIT, but it is ok if I get rejected. I think i’ll do my bachelor in civil engineering. I’ll see how it goes. Good luck to you all!!!</p>

<p>Good luck to you all, i am waiting for the 2013 transfer decisions myself. My phone’s screen is about to crack from checking my inbox so many times a day. @atari1994 … i hope we do. Because waiting for a specific date would be a much easier ride than waiting for an unknown one.</p>

<p>Totally agreed, AfroGenius! I hope the official date comes out soon. :)</p>