MIT vs. Caltech

<p>Just curious but which one is tougher to get into?</p>

<p>MIT. a lotta kids that go to caltech are rejected from mit. why? MIT looks a lot at extracurriculars while Caltech is bigger on test scores.</p>

<p>MIT, unless you're a girl/minority/good at something besides math (and I mean that in a broad sense). I believe Caltech admissions are purely meritocratic while MIT's are...not.</p>

<p>what does merotromatic mean??</p>

<p>my bad.....meritocratic</p>

<p>based on merit/grades</p>

<p>doesn't that mean that CalTech is tougher then if you have low test scores and GPA?
Also don't you have to take their own test at Cal Tech to get in?</p>