MIT vs Harvard for Astronomy undergrad

If I’m applying to both these university, which should I focus on more for getting in, for undergrad in astronomy course.

I do not understand your question, but encourage you to consider other schools in addition to these. If I recall correctly, the University of Arizona is well known and well respect for the study of astronomy.

Don’t “focus” on getting in to either of them, because you’re probably not, even if you’re a great student. That’s not a criticism of you – that’s the reality, given the large number of exceptional students who apply. There simply isn’t room for most of them.

My suggestion would be to apply to both, but to focus on creating a broader, well-balanced list of options that include some affordable schools to which you’ll likely be accepted.

With respect to additional ideas, this thread includes colleges at which you can see the night sky, often aided by accessible observatories: Note that physics, with elective choices in astronomy, may represent the preferred undergraduate major for an aspiring astronomer.