<p>i just got back from visiting MIT and i absolutely loved it. It's now my number one choice. i just checked my sat score like three minutes ago and i got the same score 1420 (math 760 and verbal 660). I really really really wanted a 1500. Should i retake it for the fourth time? I got 1420 last time (math 800 and verbal 620). My highest combined score is 1460. I really really really want to go to MIT. My extracurriculars are strong but my SAT 1 isn't. any advice? thanks</p>

<p>Well, if your second and third times were both the same, it doesn't seem like your fourth one will be much higher. You got an 800 on the math section at least, so that puts you in line with most people who apply to MIT, in that respect at least.</p>

<p>will the 660 bring me down?</p>

<p>most likely. Do well on your sat ii's</p>

<p>should i retake SAT 1? Here are my SAT IIs: Bio 760, Math iic 770 (retaking) and writing pending (hoping for 700+)</p>