Mite2s Summer 2005

…i think this should be the right place to post something like this?..i’ll think i’ll put it on another discussion topic as well…but anyways.
im currently a junior thinking of applying to the mite2s program for next summer…im a us citizen and everything…but i live abroad. i have strong sat2 scores and aps and stuff…ive been to sumac…and…i will be taking the old sat1 for the first time this december…and the psat next wednesday (they seem to administer the psat late in where i live)…what are my chances of getting in? considering last year out of 74 people who got in. there were 3 from puerto rico. and thats it. all the rest were from the states. why?

another thing. i have this crazy idea in mind. please tell me if it is at all plausible. according to last yrs record, 30/74 students ended up going to mit for college. if i get in to the program. how much gurantee do i have to get in to mit. im asking because mit undergraduate does NOT require me to take the new SAT like all the other schools im looking at (princeton…harvard…etc)…so im thinking if i do very well on the psat and the old SAT coming up, make it to the program. then maybe i wont have to bother studying for nor take the new sat? is this a reasonable plan?
the truth is…if i dont make it to the program…i do still have time to take the new SAT…but what if i DO make it to the program? should i bank everything on mit? or should i still take the new SAT just in case? cuz w/ all said and done, haha…i dun wana end up not having a school to go to. :slight_smile:
please give me suggestions…