MITES: Chance me?

<p>PSAT's: M62 CR58 W49 (detrimental, I know)
GPA: 3.7UW and W4.0
Family Income: (50,000-55,000)</p>


A lot of thought, and well-developed (checked over by AP English teacher)</p>

World History
US Histoy
English Lang. and Composition
BC Calc
Physics B
Honors Eco&Gov't
Honors English
American Gov't (Dual Enrollment)</p>

<p>Race: South-east Asian</p>

Top-notch (various leadership positions)</p>

New York Botanical Garden
Occupational and Physical Therapy/Senior Citizen Home
New York City Council</p>

1 from Physics teacher whom adores my skills.
1 from old Trig teacher, who is known for giving good recs.
Guidance Counselor should be good.</p>

<p>I really feel as if my PSAT scores are gonna be a key factor for me not getting in. Do any of you have any insight on my chances? Or any insight from MITES alumni?</p>

<p>PSATs will be a factor, but not the determining one. Do they accept SAT/ACT scores, if you have them?</p>

<p>The PSAT scores may decrease your chances a bit. But if your essays and recommendations are as superb as you say they are, then I wish you the best of luck!</p>

<p>Thank you guys so much or your reply, and no I have not taken the SAT's yet (March). Are you guys alumni of MITES? If so, what were your essays about?</p>

<p>Hi capitalistking101,
i'm applying to Mites too!
i also think that my scores might be the factor that keeps me out too.
But from what I understand about Mites it seems as though students who get in scores vary greatly- from avg to perfect.
don't be discouraged. (:</p>

<p>Hope to meet you this summer!!</p>

<p>I can't believe I'm finally DONE with that app...good luck guys!</p>

<p>MITES accepts kid who are low income, show exceptionally great academic standards and are limited by their highschools course offerings. Good Luck</p>