MITES or AP calculus AB

<p>I want to go to MITES, but during the summer i also want to take AP calculus AB and it start on July 5 while the MITES program ends the 28 of july.</p>

<p>i do not know what to do</p>

<p>MITES is pretty prestigious and an excellent experience from what I heard. I think that is more valuable than AP Calculus AB which, since you got into MITES, you could probably start late/self study</p>

<p>MITES. College application is about standing out. Anyone who met the requirements can take Calculus, but not MITES</p>

<p>If you get in, definitely pick MITES. Anyone can take Calculus, but MITES is an awesome opportunity and will really help your application.</p>

<p>One more vote for MITES.</p>