MITES Program, Question

Hello, I’m a white female rising junior interested in applying for the MIT “MITES” program.

I fit zero of the listed traits that on their website they list as influential in their admissions (I mean, it’s in the name):
~Underrepresented in science and engineering, defined as being African American, Hispanic/Latino or Native American (white)
~Underserved, defined as coming from low socioeconomic means, which may be indicated by qualification for free/reduced lunch (middle class)
~Potentially the first family member to attend college (nope)
~Absence of science and engineering degrees in family (parents are PhDs)
~Coming from a high school with low admittance rates to top-tier colleges, especially rural or predominantly minority high school (suburban school)

I’m decently accomplished. I am an AIME qualifier, USACO silver, etc etc. I’ll probably improve on these accomplishments junior year since I intend to take that all more seriously.

Anyways, how much does my status as not very marginalized affect my chances? Silly question lol, thanks.

As a former attendee of the program (way back when it was only MITE) who benefited greatly from it, I ask you to not even consider applying for it. Allow the MITES program to help those who truly need its help. Your family can help you (and has already helped you) find opportunity in many other ways.