Mix and Match

<p>I haven't taken the sat yet, but i heard that if you take it multiple times, then the highest score from each of the 3 sections will be taken and added up to the final score that will be sent to colleges.
is that really true though? and how does it work?</p>

<p>untrue. currently, the system works like this: let's say you take the SAT three times. you want to apply to Brown. collegeboard (the company that creates the SAT) sends all three of your scores (a total of nine sections). Brown will then mix and match to your advantage, but all three scores will still be available and viewable to them. that's how it HAS worked. </p>

<p>Starting in March, things will change a little. There's a new score choice option which allows you to send in whichever tests you want. that doesnt mean you can send in your best sections from 4 times taking the sat, but it means you can send in your best one or two or three attempts out of as many times as you took it. the reason for the change is to make kids less nervous on test day and allow them more freedom. however, some colleges will want all of your attempts anyway, so the general rule of taking it 3 times max is still in place. hope that helps. bye!</p>