Mix between online and paper

<p>I've been looking through the Common App website and it said to not mix the components of the application between online and paper; however, my teacher who is writing me my recommendation, only sends her recs by mail. So does this mean that I would have to do everything by mail?</p>

<p>No; teacher and counselor recs can be done through regular mail, even if you apply online.</p>

<p>Its not a problem. Stuff sent from the school recs/transcripts do not count in that "mix of components."</p>

but the supplements do count as a part of the "mix of components" right?</p>

<p>I believe so, yes.</p>

<p>How do you send the supplements via electronically if it requires a signature? Even if you could "type" your signature, how can you type on the sheet in the first place? I might be lacking a specific software for this... I'm a newb to this application process, please bare with me :) thanks</p>

<p>I believe the Common App has places for your "signature." All you do is type in your name and date and verify that your typing your name is acceptable by you , the user, as a legally binding agreement that the info you are submitting is correct etc etc lol. This is for the main application AND supplements on Common App. But when you say software does that mean you downloaded the docs and are filling them out on something like Adobe? If thats the case then I'll assume you are not referring to the Common App and if so I'm not sure as to the signature on those but I believe its the same, you just type it in...</p>

<p>Yeah, it is the software; the common app said that I needed adobe acrobat professional to save work and thus hand in an online copy. Thank you for your help though. I now get that you "type" the signature on the signature page of the application.</p>

<p>Ohh ok yea, I understand now what you were asking then (a little belated indeed). goodluck!</p>