mix of schools

<p>Hi. Im currently a male senior from CT (fairly competitive public high school in one of the rich counties) Im curious as to what you think my chances are.</p>

<p>GPA- UW – 3.4 W – 3.7 (low, I kno, but GC wrote about how junior year I missed almost a month of school whilst in 4 ap and 3 honors classes with shingles+surgery which is y my gpa isn’t as high as it could be)</p>

<p>School doesn’t rank...</p>

<p>Frosh and soph years u can only take 2 honors classes, which I did and from there on I have one of the most demanding courseloads</p>

<p>Im Asian… Thai Laotian Chinese Indian</p>

<p>SAT - 1390/2070
Math - 730
Writing - 680
CR – 660</p>

<p>SAT 2

<p>Teacher recs - i read one of them who said i was one of the best she had had in 17 years of teaching and that while i was a junior in a class meant for seniors i emerged the leader and made evereyone else around me perform better... the second one that i sent i didn’t read becuase the teacher doesnt allow it but i asked my GC if i had to send one which would i send and he said it was a tossup... so it must’ve been very good</p>

<p>My essays were actually fairly good... writing is kinda my thing</p>

<p>i got a
5 on the AP English Lang
4 on AP US Hist
4 on AP Psych (self study)
3 on AP Govt (self study)</p>

<p>the thing that im hoping to make up for my gpa are my pretty good ecs...</p>

<p>I am...
-vice president of fbla
-captain of debate (finished 5th at state finals)
-editor of the school paper
-co-founder of my own tutoring business
-One of two students on a regional board to talk about the problems teen face in my community
- two varsity sport (wrestling and track)
- ambassador of intramural football league in charge of arranging playing times
- i umped baseball for a few years
- part of youth chapter of charity organization that sends money to sponsor schools in villages in India
- went to a third world country where mom grew up to help teach english (wrote one of my essays kinda about this)</p>


<p>Huge Reaches (i think)
UPenn (legacy)</p>

UT Austin
UNC CH = ea


<p>anyone wanna tell me my shots? thanks</p>

<p>Well I agree with the ranking of your reaches and slight reaches, but as far as safeties, I wouldn't put any of these schools on that list.</p>

<p>You are a match for Syracuse, but a slight reach at Boston University, and a match to slight reach at George Washington.</p>

<p>You definitely need to add another match or two, plus one real safety.</p>

<p>Best of success.</p>

<p>add uconn for a safety- you might have a shot at the honors program (your gpa is low, but your sat scores would put you in the running).</p>