Mizzou OOS scholarships

Is the OOS tuition waiver the best scholarship available for a OOS student?
3.7 GPA (unweighted)
33 ACT
Not a minority

We visited in April.

They really pushed their plan to transition students to Missouri residents during their Freshman year. I don’t remember all of the requirements but they have to keep so many hours, work and earn $2,000 over the year, switch their drivers license and maybe something else. You would pay full tuition freshman year and then in-state tuition the remaining years.

The Mark Twain NonResident Scholarship is basically the same thing without having to switch your child’s residency. A downside I see between the two is that the Mark Twain scholarship is only for four years. If your child takes longer, you pay more.

@dixiechicktx - Thank you for the reply. That is a pity that that is the best they do for OOS students. Many other options will give my son full tuition.

D has same ACT?GPA> Where else did ytour son get more MOney? Thanks

do you know when we should be hearing back about the possible scholarships we received after the general scholarship application was due on the first of february?