Mizzou (University of Missouri) Scholarships and ACT Struggles

Hello all,

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I am currently accepted to the Mizzou Honors College and am applying for scholarships. I took the October ACT, and got a 32 for the second time in a row (however my superscore is now a 34… the science section and math section completely flip-flopped… sigh). I am so bummed about not getting a 33, and unfortunately Mizzou does not superscore.

So the Mizzou Scholars Award (http://financialaid.missouri.edu/types-of-aid/scholarships/scholarships/mizzou-scholars-award/index.php) requires a 33 or higher ACT score. The Mizzou website also says the deadline is December 15th to have scores directly sent to the school. So if I take the December 9th ACT, and send them to Mizzou, would this count? I know I can get a 33 if I really try. However, I called Mizzou and asked them if the December 9th ACT score would count, and the admissions office seemed unsure but thought that it wouldn’t be applicable since the score comes out on the 19th. Is there anyway I could rush my ACT score and have it get there on December 15th??? I heard they have “priority reports” but I’m not sure if that will be soon enough. Also they won’t evaluate the scholarships ON December 15th right so why can’t I have a four day late score?

I can’t keep calling the admissions office. They’re starting to think I am crazy.

Also many of the fellowship programs require a 33 too. Their applications are due by February 2nd, so the December score will DEFINITELY come in on time right?

Adding to the stress, the deadline (the late fee deadline actually…) to sign up for the ACT is TOMORROW. So I need to figure this out now. I am really tight on money, so if it is HOPELESS and there is no way to get the score on time even if I got a 36, then I will not sign up for it.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! Any information will help. I am so stressed out.


PS: What phone number should I call to get the ACT people to answer??? I need to ask them if I can rush the score and how???


A scholarship requires 33+ ACT Score by December 15th.
I am (potentially) taking the ACT on December 9th (if I think they will accept the score).

The ACT website states that the score will be available on December 19th.
Is there a way to either A) rush the score so it arrives on time for December 15th, or B) get the scholarship committee to allow my score to come in A TAD late.

Thank you everyone.

It seems that you are instate. Correct? When were you accepted? It seems that you should have qualified for some scholarships already.

Chancellors for $6500 http://financialaid.missouri.edu/types-of-aid/scholarships/scholarships/chancellors-fund-for-excellence/index.php

We are in the same situation as you as far as having the correct super score for getting into the honors college, however, we are one point away. THEY WILL NOT consider the super score, so we would have to “appeal” by applying separately to the Honors college. We are OOS state and we were awarded a great scholarships which waives the out of state tuition with a chance to apply for a bunch of other scholarships as well.

Based on one of the conversations we had with the local rep, you should summit your application before the December 15 deadline. You should take the test on December 9th and if you get the higher score, you will then qualify.for the higher scholarship They will accept the test since you took since everything was done before the deadline.

Also, I will like to add that out of the schools that we have applied, Mizzou has been one of the best experiences as far as the constant communications, marketing, contacts, etc… I know that have had their PR issues in the past few years, but again, their communications have been top notch. They are trying hard to boost their reputation and OOS presence. They would love to have many of these high stat students.

That 33 ACT is part of the minimum reqs, that is still not a guarantee, you read that?

A committee will review completed applications and make the final selections based upon credentials and supplementary materials. Approximately 35 students will receive the $10,000 Mizzou Scholars Award.<<


   That reads as a competitive process. a 33 is the minimum. If all other candidates have fulfilled the timeline and minimum criteria, it is hard to believe that the timeline would be bent for you? Have you contacted your adviser as you are already admitted? 

I agree with sybylla. I am an out of state alumna. My daughter applied there and was accepted with a large initial scholarship awarded to out-of-state applicants with alumni parents who have a certain grade level. The interactions and communications with the admissions department have been really wonderful. They have been so professional and always acknowledge receipt of various materials. It’s been a great experience for her and she’s looking at it very favorably.