MMA Training Partner or Group

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>So I'm looking to start up a group this summer at the UW gym for doing some MMA...They've got all the equipment and since MMA gym memberships are like $120 a month I figured I'd post on here to see if anyone is interested...I would be available M-F all summer from 1-4 pm...
Well, hopefully someone will respond!</p>


<p>Mat Chess MMA is pretty much unofficially UW's official MMA gym. Why don't you send that Facebook a message? A large majority of us are UW students.</p>

<p>How much are the monthly gym fees?</p>

<p>Nevermind I checked out the website...Doesn't work with my time schedule...I live on the opposite side of the sound and have to commute so...and my wife is pregnant with our first so...oh I said anyone interested in working from 12-4 M-F during the summer leave a message.</p>

<p>Hit that Facebook regardless. Mat Chess is filled with UW students that think about training even in their dreams.</p>