MMC dance program quality?

Hello! I was recently accepted into the mmc dance program with a concentration in jazz. I cannot find much information about the program though. Does anyone know if it’s a good quality program? So far, I am also accepted into Point Park, so compared to them, which would be better for someone who is a jazz/contemporary dancer?

Do not know much about the quality of MMC Dance, but our daughter (high school junior) visited the school during Spring Break (last week)and she loved it. I understand Point Park may have a bit higher reputation in dance world, but that should not be the only factor. I would be curious what you decided, which school you chose and why?

I just attended their accepted students day. I did not love the school, personally. My goal is to have a career in musical theater. MMC is very much focused on modern and getting their dancers into contemporary companies. When I asked if dancers can get voice lessons ( which is usually part of the curriculum in a jazz concentration in other schools) they told me no, I must find my own outside of the school. Then they suggested I either change my major to musical theater or change my concentration to something other than jazz. Strange. There were also only two studios with weird mirror placement and bad lighting. Overall, not a good fit for me but could possibly be for other dancers. On the other hand, I went to Point Park’s COPA experience day and took 2 classes. The studios and campus in general was beautiful and classes were fun and challenging. It’s not nyc, but I’d definitely choose point park for me. Again, it’s all based off of the individual dancer’s goals and preferences! :slight_smile: