Mobile phone providers - COVERAGE

<p>I've heard that Verizon is the best but what about the other suspects (At&T, Sprint, TMobile, Boost Mobile, etc.) Do they all work? Some? None?</p>

<p>How are people with iPhones making out?</p>

<p>People with iPhones make out just like everyone else. Very passionately.</p>

<p>Sarcasm aside, I'm using ATT and I have an iPhone. It's doing pretty well for me, I don't have any complaints. However there is the stereotype that if you're west coast use ATT and if you're east coast use Verizon. So look's like you're stuck right in the middle! =D</p>

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<p>Verizon gets by far the best coverage, I even get it in the basement of tech and a few other places none of my friends with other carriers get. I dont know anyone with US Cellular, all I know is my friends with Cingular and ATT (especially) have problems at certain locations.</p>

<p>I have Verizon also, it's fantastic. Plus! An antenna was JUST installed in Norris - literally like two days ago - so now I get 4 bars in Norris Underground, where I previously had ZERO. Bam.</p>