Mock Trial vs NHS

<p>My Junior and Senior year I am an attorney on my schools Mock Trial team. I also have a letter of recommendation from our coach who is a real life attorney. However, due to a lack of knowledge I never joined National Honors society. Is NHS something that is vital to EC's or will Mock Trial balance it out. </p>

<p>No EC is a necessity. NHS can be a nice club or honor. It’s what you make of it. Its omission is not any sort of strike against you. If you’re progressing well through Mock Trial, then you should certainly not throw it off to join what could be a worthless club (some schools NHS are awesome, some are weak).</p>

<p>Regardless, it’s not a necessity whatsoever. For a long discussion about its merits, false promises and downright negatives, read this:</p>

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<p>The conclusion is that NHS is a big honor at some schools because honorees really deserve it. At other schools, the criteria can be iffy, it’s a political/favoritism thing or they just let anyone in. Since colleges know this, its advantage for a college applicant is negligible.</p>

<p>As our GC put it, NHS is of minimal value as an EC, it’s what you do to get in NHS that is valuable.</p>

<p>NHS is considered an honor/award when you apply via Common App. It will be no different than an award or recognition.</p>

<p>Why is it vs.? Are you still deciding which to do?</p>

<p>Per usual, T26 is right. NHS is what you make of it. It’s not a necessity for college admissions. I’m the VP for my school’s NHS, and I’ve led three service projects to raise more than $7,000 and to help elementary school children, all the while revamping a tutoring program for my peers and for little kids. (I’m also an attorney in mock trial, and have many other EC’s). However, while I’ve done that, the members in the NHS are required to tutor once a week, but only do more if they want to. The club’s truly what you make of it. </p>

<p>NHS will not help you get into college a huge amount. 99% of competitive applicants are in it, so it really doesn’t matter. </p>