Mock Trial

<p>Hello fellow CC members.</p>

<p>Under activities, where would mock trial fall? It seems like there are multiple categories it could be:
Academic, technically I'm on "Varsity Mock Trial" so it could be "Other Varsity Sport", Debate/Speech, Other.</p>

<p>Also, for the "Position Held, Honors Won, Letters Earned, or Employer" and "Details and Accomplishments" Are you supposed to just list everything, or write in it paragraph form? </p>

<p>I'm just getting so stressed out over all of this, so thank you everyone who replies to this!</p>

<p>Same. Exact. Situation.</p>

<p>I'm thinking about putting Debate/Speech, though. Varsity sport just doesn't seem to fit...</p>

<p>Varsity Sport? lmao. </p>

<p>I put mine in Debate/Speech.</p>

<p>yeah, putting it as a varsity sport would be me freaking out right now and just getting so confused.</p>

<p>anyone know the answer to the second part of the question? {Paragraph, lists, what to do!)</p>

<p>bumping this.</p>

<p>I still don't understand how you are supposed to list everything, or if you are supposed to do it in paragraph form. help please!</p>

<p>The way I see it, there's simply no space to write it in paragraph form. Write it however fits.</p>

<p>Here's what I did for Science Olympiad, for example:
activity: Science/Math
position held, etc: Treasurer (10, 12)
details and accomplishments: Science Olympiad. Individual medals at regionals 2009, 2010; Team made states 2009, 2010</p>

<p>As long as it's clear and easy to understand, I think you're good. There was one activity that I couldn't explain in the given space, so I elaborated on it in additional information.</p>