<p>If one wants to become a model, what agencies are good, and how does one tryout?</p>


<p>oooh I'm curious about that, too....I was thinking of using it as a way to pay for college :)</p>

<p>Well first, you have to be good at it...</p>

<p>You send in a portfolio but at top agencies they have heaps of portfolios coming in so maybe showing up could be nice.. or maybe they wont have time for you... all depends on teh agency.
If they like youur portfolio, they take half naked pictures of you to measure everything and stuff. And these go into the company portfolio thing (i forget what they're called).
And when companies wanting models to do some stuff for them, they contact your agency and the agency sends you there.</p>

<p>My friend went to the u.s to try to stick on to an agency (mostly for high fashion). (she was only slightly successful).</p>

<p>Be careful--some folks (even college students) have gone to modeling "assignments" alone & end up assaulted & worse. It's important to be sure that wherever you're going is legit & probably a good idea to have a parent come with you to be safe--your parent would need to sign releases if you're a minor anyway.</p>

<p>Here's the thing: if you ever have to pay for more than food and board, you're not modeling, you're getting swindled.</p>

<p>The best agencies? Obviously, Ford, IMG, Next. Those are probably the three largest/most powerful agencies... then there are other notable ones like Major.</p>

<p>Well effulgent, those are probably good if youre a)stunningly beautiful (ie, boys drop dead after glancing at you), b)six feet tall and extremely thin, borderline ana, or c)somehow connected to someone there/someone famous. For the rest of us, there are regular modeling agencies. I know people who went to John Robert Powers and Barbizon, and they all had pretty good experiences. Just do a google search. They have locations pretty much everywhere. Also, look in the ads section of teenage fashion magazines .(seventeen, teen vogue, cosmo girl, etc)</p>

<p>Well, the OP asked which agencies are good. I do realize there are a lot of commerical agencies out there that are pretty revered; I assumed the OP was thinking editorials and not Macy's Sunday advertisements.</p>

<p>There a lot of perfectly good/respectable commercial agencies out there.</p>

<p>Also, the OP could be a, b, and c.</p>

<p>If you are serious about modeling, please have someone you trust (preferably with some legal training) go over ALL the small print & terms of any contract you sign. Many "modelling" agencies really are "charm schools" & just teach you how to dress, walk, put on make-up, take pictures of you & charge you a lot of money with NO guarantees of any "placement" or anything to show for all the money you give them. Ask them for information about what % of their "students" are place & in what period of time, as well as roughly how much money they make as compared to how much they paid for their "modeling courses." These are fair questions & if they can't answer, keep looking. There is a LOT of money to be made in "modeling" agencies & courses. Know what you're getting & be sure it matches what you're being promised.