MoHo 2017 RD

<p>Anyone else? I'm a bit below their average due to extenuating circumstances, but my essay, supplements, and recs are strong. I'm hoping their holistic review will work in my favor.</p>

<p>Anyone know the notification date?</p>

<p>The notification date is April 1, according to their website, but I remember receiving a likely letter in February when I applied decades ago. I don’t know if they still send those, but they sure do take away some of the stress of waiting. My daughter also applied RD this year and is hoping to get a likely letter from MHC or Wellesley before her March break.</p>

<p>Hi :slight_smile: I applied for ED1, but apparently i had some missing files, and it turns out they don’t look at applications unless they’re complete. I just completed my file about a week ago, so I might be getting my results soon. </p>

<p>Anyway, just letting you know you’re not alone with the waiting :slight_smile: </p>

<p>And with the announcement date, they give it around 15 days earlier than the date on their website (that’s what happened with the ED1’s at least)</p>

<p>Massmomm, I’m hoping for one of those. What do “likely letters” usually say? I think I may have gotten two from schools I ended up being accepted to, but I’m oblivious. :P</p>

<p>Pipermaru, does that mean you were sent over to EDII (I think MoHo has that)? And fifteen days earlier would be awesome. Between February 15 and April 1 I hope to not go more than a week or two without hearing from schools considering I have one Feb 15, March 1, and the rest say mid March to April 1.</p>

<p>I wasn’t deferred, but I think they counted my application as an EDII (though not officially) since they got it really really late. So i’ll probably get my results when the EDII’s get theirs. </p>

<p>So, what got you interested in mount holyoke? :)</p>

<p>I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think likely letters are a thing. They could be but I’ve never heard of them. </p>

<p>We found out on March 23 last year…not sure if that’s helpful at all? Good luck to everyone! <3</p>

<p>I know what Wellesley has an “early evaluation” option, whereby applicants get a letter (end of Feb?) telling them that their admission is likely, possible, or unlikely. Haven’t heard of anything similar for Mount Holyoke.</p>

<p>hi everyone, i’m also applying RD!</p>

<p>awkwardcreation, i’m in the same boat as you; my gpa is below average but i really hope all my others aspects shine through…</p>

<p>i hope we can all wait for our decisions together. :)</p>

<p>I applied to MoHo because my counselor thinks it would be a perfect fit (I highly agree). I wish I had the opportunity to visit in person; I definitely would if I could :smiley: I’m an equestrian/stablehand from the US desert southwest, probable international relations and/or environmental science major. MoHo is 1/2 of my top two choice schools. I will be ecstatic if I’m lucky enough just to be admitted! Good luck everyone!!!</p>

<p>I’m applying RD</p>

<p>I’m so nervous :<
I want to get in
I got rejected by Smith ED2 and I so badly want to be at least in a community
I mean Amherst and Smith classes
Applied to plenty of other school including coed ones but
as a feminist i want mohoo</p>

<p>I applied RD. definitely my first choice though… My horse would come too :slight_smile: I’m so excited to hear!!</p>

<p>I don’t think MHC sends out early write letters…you might be thinking of Smith, which just sent out theirs. Wellesley has EE as well. RD decisions should probably come out around the week of March 22nd, since Smith RD comes out then as well.</p>

<p>Hi my name is Maryann! So I am an applicant too and was wondering if we all could list 10 things about ourselves and so on! I think it will be fun to get to know each other and ease the nervousness a bit…the admission notification is coming up so soon!
So here is my 10 things to get it started!!! :D</p>

<li>I Love MOHOME!</li>
<li>I love to read.</li>
<li>Tegan and Sara are perfection and Bon Iver is a god. </li>
<li>I am a feminist and human rights activist (hope to be involved with the Jeannette Marks House!).</li>
<li>I love being outside riding my bike and running (hoping to be on MHC track team!)</li>
<li>I am hoping to be a psych major while filling pre-med requirements </li>
<li>Cava is litteral the best fast food place (everything is organic and bio-degradable)</li>
<li>I am a vegetarian, might try going vegan…probs not bc I love greek yogurt too much</li>
<li>I love love love love Criminal Minds, fav documentary is The Human Experience, and my favorite movie is either A Beautiful Mind or Silver Linings Playbook </li>
<li>I love to laugh and sing (hope to be on one of the many acapella groups) and am called sweet heart by my friends, so say hi! :)</li>

<li>I’m a huge equestrian and hopefully my horse tucker will be joining me at MHC :)</li>
<li>I LOVE crime shows like criminal minds, mystery detectives, psych</li>
<li>Chocolate is my life (my first phrase was “need hot cocoa”)</li>
<li>MHC is my first choice</li>
<li>I’m from California </li>
<li>My major will be biology/ pre-vet</li>
<li>I love Disney movies</li>
<li>I also love silver linings playbook:)</li>
<li>I’m freaking out about the admission notification for mount holyoke!!!</li>
<li>I love film photography</li>

<p>maddie1228 i love all your 10 :slight_smile: I know! I am so nervous and excited about hearing back because it is also my favorite school and if I get in w/financial aid hallelujah! And what part of California?</p>

<p>Haha it’s my dream school! It seems like we have a lot in common :slight_smile: I’m from the San Francisco area</p>

<p>Nice! I am so excited to travel this summer before college and would love to see SanFran :slight_smile: My sis and cousins live in LA and they love love love it there. I live in DC :slight_smile: I fell in love with Mount Holyoke when I walked on campus for their Focus On Diversity event. Everyone was just so passionate, motivated, and so open minded that I met. I also really loved how committed the students and faculty are at making it a not just beautiful school, but a enlightening one! I especially love their acapella group (they have a feminist one!) and the Jeannette Marks House for the LGBT and straight community as well :slight_smile: I just felt empowered, loved, and accepted(as well as I had a very happy stomach, the food is amazing!)</p>

<p>That’s awesome! If I go there I would love to be involved with the Jeanette Marks House. I go to a little catholic school so being bi would be a lot better at mount holyoke I’m guessing hahaha.</p>

<p>I went to a catholic school till I was in 10th grade…I feel ya! When I went there I felt like every kind of person was welcome and gender roles/orientation were not even a thing that people cared much about…we all are people and that was that :)</p>

<p>That’s awesome :slight_smile: that’s how I felt when I visited campus too. So tell me more about yourself</p>