molecular cell and developmental major

<p>anyone majoring in molecular cell and developmental biology want to share their experience?? how hard are the classes? i heard chemistry and calculus is tough? =( i took calculus in hs and got a C, will i struggle.... im worried about not doing well, any advice?</p>

<p>how about Neuroscience & Behavior BS major? which one is harder when comparing the two majors? im willing to work hard and spend lots of time studying</p>

<p>I think you only have to take the 11 series- calculus applications. Not nearly as hard as calc for engineers. It'll still be hard of course. There is free tutoring offered by the math department. Also, the class will have a section meeting time that's separate from lecture, there the TAs will offer help to students.</p>

<p>I don't know much else about those majors, sorry.</p>

<p>I haven't taken any classes there yet but I know for MCD bio you also need math 22 which is past single variable calculus.</p>

<p>I've NEVER taken calculus in my life and I am going to do this major.
But I usually understand math pretty well with good teachers.</p>

<p>Both MCD and Neuro require calc through 22 (multivariable calculus) and ochem 108/112 so neither is an easier degree in that regard. The upper divs requirements are also pretty similar (100, 105, 110, and then electives).</p>

<p>For upper divs, the harder ones are 113 Endocrinology, 115 Eukaryotic, and 130/L Human Phys. Both majors require one of those and have the others as electives. </p>

<p>I took calc in HS and breezed through the 11 series but did poorly in 22 (managed a B- simply because I did well on the vector midterm, got Cs on the second midterm and the final). It's a hard class. So is organic chemistry. If you really want to be a biologist, you'll just have to hack your way through those classes. They're the classic weeders. But there is a lot of extracurricular help available: tutors, MSI, study sessions. More for those classes than for any other class I took at UCSC. Highly recommend that you take advantage of TA office hours and MSI.</p>

<p>As for the harder major overall, I think the harder one is the one you're less interested in. If you aren't engaged in the classes you're taking it's harder to study for them and harder to master the material. I think it's really stupid to choose a major that you aren't actually interested in simply because it's easier. You (or your parents) are paying a lot of money for UCSC, so do something you love.</p>

<p>When I had to declare a major, I took the big general catalogue and highlighted all the bio classes that seemed interesting. Then I compared those classes to the majors and chose the major that required the highest number of the classes I liked. If all the classes you are interested in are endocrinology and neurology, then choose neurology. If they're all molecular bio or ecology or oceanography etc, then choose those majors.</p>

<p>So if I absolutely love Bio, I'll be ok right?
(I do absolutely love bio, except for all the boring ecology stuff)</p>

<p>The otherlecture labs/ lectures you have to choose 2/3 from are considered electives?</p>

<p>@dchavs07 They're 'electives' in the sense that you're given a choice. With 100, 105, 110 you HAVE to take those classes, no getting around that. But if it says "Choose 2/3 of the following" you just have to take 2 or 3 off the list, not the entire list. So if you really really don't want to take 115, you can take the bio BS or the neuro in which 115 is an elective on one of those lists.</p>

<p>@sofaraway I can not guarantee that you'll do well in bio simply because you like it. It is a hard degree, no doubt about it, and it takes a lot of time, memorization, and studying. Even if you really really love it, if you don't study for your classes, then you're never going to do well.</p>

<p>I mean, I really love fiddle playing, but I don't practice enough so I kinda suck. The fact that I really love it does not mean I am instantly good at it.</p>

<p>Well I had AP bio and I did well in that class and on the test.
I studied non stop for the first time in my life. I think I got a little too into it because I would draw diagrams and everything to help me study haha.
Of course I am going to love studying a subject I like.
Like I hate history so I HATE studying for a history test lol.</p>

<p>@sofaraway Yes, that's exactly my point! =) If you put the time in, you'll probably be fine (and diagrams are my best way of taking notes in bio). Good luck in your classes, and remember that the upper divs are so much more interesting than the lower divs, so don't get discouraged by ochem.</p>

<p>@variola-thansk for clearing up some of my questions.</p>